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Summer in Space 2014 - Pirates & Soldiers

Summer Jouneying

The Other Bits

Although the bulk of my space tom foolery this past summer lays well within the golden realms of NPSI, and all it’s heathen glory. This wasn’t the origin of our arrival into the PvP centered fronts of New Eden, despite being the eventual fixation. As whilst witnessing galactic carnage of the communal variety may be all well and fiery for most. The corporate settings of the game with its accompanying mechanics, encourage formal hierarchy and a designated grouping of players. Currently something that appears near unavoidable for success (depending on your definition of success).

What follows in this post are even more words about the bits over the summer in between NPSI activities that I got involved in. They hopefully provide an interesting narrative of their own, in this virtual universe of a million and one player generated stories.

Lowsec Piracy

POS Bash

Several days in after artificial insemination we had joined a small lowsec based corp living in Placid, focused on the “PeeveePees“ and what can only be described as general yarr harr outlandish behaviours. In truth, it was not myself and my friends first time in a player run corp (probably the fourth?). It was however the first to offer really good fights and some form of base tuition. Most of the planned exploits and deep end action came from stalking faction warfare systems in between Maut and Aldranette, where the pipe like linear systems come to an end.

The corp in question was run by a young solo PvP enthusiast named Vestion Steiner-Tian, who regularly streams his fights and has a respectable number of Twitch.tv viewers more often than not. You can find him on twitch here: Vestion’s Solo PvP Twitch Stream. Be warned though you may not appreciate his stream if you are the least bit impartial towards J-Pop, or “insert anime music genres that i don’t know about here”.

Summer Jouneying

The comparison we came to know between not shoot it purple groups and structured corporations was indeed an interesting one. The dynamic was certainly contrastingly different, with a few recurring universal similarities. The majority of content came from the alliance we were involved in, and from our bonds with local FW allies. A particular favourite was Hywantodestroyer’s Talwar roams, which often got us into precarious yet enjoyable scenarios.

Omen Navy Issue Killmail
Enyo Killmail

So despite much involvement in NPSI and events. We did our best to take the time to participate in as many fleet corp/alliance operations as possible. Memories of these will last just as long as my NPSI equivalents. As there were some lovely comedic moments to bear witness to, diplomatic incidents aplenty, and failing those… several adult rated very risque structure bashes. Which brings me from pirates to soldiers, as the name of this post dictates.

Caldari Militia

Cal Mill Ravens

One day, in a galaxy far far away. We shot Cal Mill blues.

Our corp leader despite being a competent solo guy, was not the most diplomatical or bureaucratic of capsuleers, and still only a budding novitiate FC. Admirably sometimes opting to fly Logi at he same time as FC’ing, despite this not been the most success ensuring course of action.

After landing on one of the usual gates in one of the usual territories, that is often rife with alliance friendly Caldari commando compatriots (of which I am now technically a state member). We happened to come upon a well regimented gate camp. Now, I am unsure as to who shot first (it was them). But we were happy to have found a fight we could take, pre-empted by another party. The guys in the camp were from GHIOT, who had ties to the alliance we were in. They should have been set as blue through the in-game standing mechanics. Which of course means no fun allowed for any non awox aspiring pilots. Game mechanisms within EVE like this are usually accredited with reducing PvP content and contributing to what is usually labelled as stagnation (along with other aspects). This resultant feature of the game comes tied with the hierarchical organisations concept, harking back to my earlier sentiments at the start of the post.

Blue or not, did I mention they shot first?

Thrasher Killmail
Thrasher Killmail
Merlin Killmail
Prophecy Killmail

Cal Mil Gate Camp

In big trouble we were, said Yoda (a corp mate). In this galaxy far far away. Initially the alliance diplo informed us it would succinctly blow over. The friendly fire battle at the gate, which we won and they definitely did not shoot first at. Did blow over, but more so in the manner of a destructive hurricane. After being nearly rejected forever from the friend zone, we were forced to begin patching up the leaks and rejuvenate the relationship with our beloved Cal Mill friends.

The alliance went about this by committing to helping Mira De Vorsha’s GHIOT as and when needed, be it POCO bash, POS defense, or full cap brawl. Thankfully I can be more or less positive from now on. The misunderstanding I described and obvious star wars references are no longer important or necessary. As the resultant skirmishes led by GHIOT and Cal Mill provided a lot of quality content outside of NPSI over the summer. Including participation in my first ever battleship fleet (see Raven pic!).

So for that I am very much grateful. With credit going to GHIOT and this minor blue blunder.

Archon Kill

Archon Killmail
Guardian Killmail
Ishtar Killmail
Sacrilege Killmail

Bright Horizons

Space Sunset

Our pirate corp Icendus Corux dipped into a period of inactivity, after Vestion who ran the show and kept people logging in was pressured to resign by higher ups. Mostly due to the above incident but not exclusively. Take heart though readers he eventually returned after some time to help the corp get going again.

As more and more time was committed to other things in EVE. We made the decision to jump ship and pursue different PvP avenues, whilst also making more room plus time for NPSI shizzle. But what did we learn from all this… maybe nothing, maybe more than we realise. The prevailing notion for me is that we be thankful for those who help create the in-game content we so desire, and in turn aid in crafting our own stories amongst the plethora of other stories that emerge from New Eden.

A big thanks goes to all those helping create content in our game, as without it, EVE would truly be dead.

I’ll finish these summer recaps simply with the following gif.

I've Seen Things

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