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Summer in Space 2014 - RvB Ganked

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Connections V

Attendees within Spectre will often bring up the topic of “Ganked” shortly before the weekend, encouraging others to come along and witness another groups rendition of organised fun. I was always aware previously of the emphasis placed upon community in EVE but never to the extent of that which it actually goes. An aspect that even now still never fails to surprise me, even though I’m a lot more accustomed to it.

Here’s what went down at some of the Gankeds I attended this summer, so to speak.

Ganked 128: The Honeymoon is Over

Fireworks Procession

Carrying on with the connections vibe here the FC running the show on this occasion came from Spectre (Ashurman), I waffled on about some of his endeavors in a previous post. It’s safe to say his event themes are never routine and always a bit eccentric. In this case it was armor kiting assault frigates, a concept that came prefaced with two key phrases “shudup its a great idea!” and “DRUGS WILL BE AVAILABLE”. What this says about the FC / Ganked organisers I won’t comment on, I’ll just let you the discerning capsuleer decide, but this I was up for.

My main memory of the event is is an odd one. Friendly fire smartbombing seems to crop up as an issue from time to time on these fleets, and is usually dealt with as fairly as possible, if there’s time. In this instance there was enough to do so, and the verdict was death by beam laser squad. Young Kanon’s execution was swift, calculated, and epilepsy inducing to say the least. The grand irony to be noted here is the ship he was in at the time, see below. All in all this was my first Ganked experience, and it’s safe to say it didn’t disappoint.

Kanon’s Retribution Lossmail

Ganked 134: Roots

Frig Gang - Minmatar Space

After coming away pretty high off of the last Ganked event, I set sail with optimism on this one. Everyone warmed up by helping settle some insurance problems a freighter pilot had. Might wanna look into that CONCORD.

We then moved onto the real stuff which began with us dicking around in PL’s back yard. They took notice and things eventually culminated in us getting absolutely wrecked. Taken to Wrexham and back again is the phrase I believe, if you live in her majesty’s fine wet and windy nation. Despite this it was a nice little brawl (massacre) and we were grateful towards them for bringing a realistic engagement profile against our frigate themed gang.

Shortly after this we picked up some reinforcements in the form of my past french amis near Mormelot, which was a nice touch for me and slightly nostalgic. Then after a bit of slow motion epic gate travelling, we swung round near another of my old homes in Placid, and ambushed an unsuspecting gate camp. I would summarise this clash as nothing other than swagtastic, if that’s even a word (it is now).

Gate Camp Fight

Ashimmu Killmail
Hurricane Fleet Issue Killmail
Guardian Killmail

Feeling quite pleased with ourselves we ventured down the pipe into Cal Mill / Gal Mill (probably Gall…) faction warfare space, to take up the offer of fighting Overload Everything. When we got there we nonchalantly warped to the “meeting point” only to realise it was a trap, or “tarp” if you prefer. Complete with the ever so fashionable smartbombing.


Still slightly bitter from the prior ambush, retreat, and loss, we went after a consolation prize in the form of Chessur in a nightmare. Floating joyously but catastrophically off of a gate. For all to whore on. Perhaps he thought he was in a stealth bomber as usual, or just really, really, really, had to go afk. Check out his blog if you like cloaking, bombs, stalking, whips, chains, and all the rest.

Nightmare Killmail
Chessur’s Blog

Conveniently now I was back home in northern FW space, which rounded off the occasion nicely. This event in general goes down as my favourite in EVE so far I think. Mostly as I was lucky enough to have my own background narrative going with all the locations and players we encountered, a trip down memory lane you might say. Along with of course some swagtastically good fights…

Breacher With Frigs

Ganked 136: Magnitude

By now we were guilty of insurance fraud on multiple counts, nonetheless it was still a welcome start to the evening’s debaucheries.

On a more serious note, apart from all these intricate links players have to one and other within the game, that often serve well when generating content. There’s a significant other positive to be found here. I touched upon it in the previous Spectre Fleet post. These events like Ganked educate players on how best to PvP, or failing that, how not to. They can also be an opportunity to try new things. In my case this was to begin learning how to Logi on an alt. Besides, sometimes the deep end is a good place to learn, if there are others there who can help keep you afloat.

Ruptures On Gate

Analogies and education aside, this event was host to a Psychotic Tendencies (TISHU) battleship fleet fight, complete with triage carrier support. Ganked members piloted artillery Ruptures and gave no fucks when cynos went up, as when you go on these roams you should not expect to return with your ship (This is the game in a nutshell really). Although pretty intense for however long it lasted. Our numbers and or magnificent skills, won us the fight! With much praise from fleet mates on our top notch repping duties (Logi on killmails anyone?).

Archon Killmail
Navy Apocalypse Killmail
Vindicator Killmail
Tempest Fleet Issue Killmail

Ganked 139: Apex Force

My next attempt at Logi came in the form of Apex Aubaris’s “Baltech” doctrine. Apocs, Megathrons, Tempests, Guardians, and the like. The intention was to provide content for Bacchanalian’s charity event and take on the other kind space folk groups involved. Things got off to a slow start initially as the server cluster was experiencing some form of tech problem, not to mention our self-generated TiDi. Exhausted hamsters, data centre mutiny, DDOS, could have literally been anything, I’m not going to try and guess which one.

Apex Force

With all systems up and running again and around an estimated 500 jumps later, we arrived in time for the buffet. CCP had laid on quite the spread with the Nyx and her dreadnought friends, and were even there themselves to converse with us in local. Not long after there was to top if off, a killmail for the Nyx. Yes I’m still sour about the Revenant, and in terms of my Logi experience, after getting to grips with the art of cap chaining. I didn’t screw up too much, and was in turn hopefully “credit to team”.

Bacchanalian and his donators reached the agreed target causing CCP to contribute another $5,000 to the cause, and Apex who FC’d his implants off, was awarded a prestigious limited edition gold monocle for his patience and bravery in the line of NPSI duty. OP success, killboard green, charity aided.

Bacchanalian’s Donation Page
Nyx Killmail
Phoenix Killmail
Revelation Killmail
Thanatos Killmail

Winter is Coming

Like with what went on over the Summer in Spectre, I could probably write a book about all this. So I’ll stop here and prevent myself before it’s too late.

All I’ll add again is the prevalence of community and the enjoyment provided by these NPSI events for the player base. Winter is coming, but Ganked is always coming too. Even in new flavours like Ganked Ultra (lewd innuendo and puns thoroughly intended).

Thanks for reading, stay classy.

RvB Ganked is run weekly on Saturdays and is open to all New Eden pod pilots. Click here for more information on the event and how to join.

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