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Summer in Space 2014 - Spectre Fleet

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Personal Background

I’ve been in and out of EVE since 2010, mostly due to RL reasons, other games, and sometimes an admitted pure lack of motivation to log in and play. Despite this I’ve always appreciated the unique aspects of the game, even in comparison to many others of its kind. I think it’s initially these things that kept me returning again and again. The latest return seems somewhat more permanent than previously. As it’s becoming more and more apparent that you don’t really leave this game, you just go afk.

Myself and a friend decided to create alts with the sole purpose of PvP this time round, as we had dabbled before, but not nearly enough. It was in our early days with these new chars that we stumbled upon the Spectre Fleet channel, and the addiction began.

Randy Rifters

The first ever public fleet we attended was dubbed Randy Rifters, and run by “FC of our hearts” Ashurman, and consisted of as many rifters as could be amassed in support of harassing the fun loving residents of Providence. Or anyone unfortunate enough to be in the region at that time. This was by no means a one off incident, and is a common occurrence in Spectre’s hunt for content.

We were at first surprised to be provided with free rifter hulls and fits, as in a sandbox environment such as EVE, notions of this type are a tad unheard of. Especially in comparison to the more advertised selfish aspects of EVE like theft or scamming. Moreover, we ended up having one hell of a time participating (kill whoring) in the action packed roam. One that would keep us coming back again and again for more. To this day our first Spectre roam is likely the most fun I’ve had in EVE thus far, perhaps mirrored only by an RvB Ganked event at a later date.

So for the rest of the summer, far too many times than I can remember, we took part in anal atrons, kinky kestrels, cocky condors, bloomin breachers, many more splendidly named ships, and the odd spot of high-sec suicide ganking. Also quite importantly we were shown the basic mechanics of EVE’s PvP in a nullsec environment, moving from epic fails to more minor fails as time went on (progress!). We even learnt on multiple occasions how not to fly stealth bombers, thanks to CVA’s more than optimistic bombing runs.

Notable Kill #1
Notable Kill #2
Notable Kill #3
Notable Kill #4 | Footage

Then the planned events came.

Xilia Otsu’s Supercarrier Event

Ashurman took one of Spectre’s classic cruiser doctrines to this event and promptly began wiping the skybox with a suspiciously suspect Talwar gang. Several entities from all across EVE turned up to fight and for a chance to get on the super-carrier killmail. This event was also one of my first real encounters with the deadly force of time dilation, or TiDi for short. Remember to always stick to the official code when making your FC aware of this oncoming hazard (FC 10:40).

Eventually PL showed up in some very shiny Navy Apocs and a timely yet tactical withdrawal ensued, only temporarily of course in order to find a more sizeable opponent. So despite the fun police’s involvement, I deduce that much fun was had by all at this event (except by the Talwars).

Aeon Killmail

Operation Content Generator

This event saw several of the NPSI communities team up into a considerable force with poor CVA once again acting as the target for hundred’s of violence hungry pubbies. Admittedly it appears I missed out on the real fun of this event, as ironically I exploded to a well timed CVA bombing run, relatively early on, typical…

Involved Entities

Ashurman’s Stag Night

Battle Ventures

This event was interesting to say the least. In short a massive brawl took place featuring some of the greatest theory crafted fits of all time (not) although the only incidence of this I’ll draw attention to is the spider tanking battle ventures, that i will have you know fucked up several unsuspecting intoxicated victims, before exploding back into the minerals they came from. Much to the delight and perhaps horror of a number of on-looking try-harding theorycrafters. It was safe to say, damn funny.

Incursus Aliastra Edition Killmail
Incursus Killmail
Wolf Killmail

The Revenant

This event is not as positive as the others here, as those involved will predict. Not sure it matters though as most people reading this have stopped and gone to /r/eve by now for their daily fix.

Regardless Spectre overlords choose the Gods of War doctrine for our participation in the Revenant massacre. The super-carrier was not the concern that much here though, horrendous latency and the frame thrashing lag of around 5,000 people in one system was.

Spectre Canes

Despite the lag we did manage to kill a Thanatos after what seemed like more than ample time to grow a beard, straight after running into PL Tempest Fleet Issues (literal issues).

Tempest Fleet Issues

Thanatos Killmail
Tempest Fleet Issue Killmail

I am truly hoping this is the last time Jayne has to bring out his rendition of the Sansha’s Nation Chronicle, or read out erotic fan fiction to keep everyone entertained. Guess we’ll see.

Check these logs for an overview of the Revenant kill itself.

More Spectre Summer Events

And This Means What?

If it wasn’t for Spectre and these NPSI groups (There are several), I’d probably not be playing EVE anymore, and in turn not be paying for the game. (Take note CCP overlords!)

In fairness CCP Rise seems to have taken note:

There were of course other Spectre events that took place in the summer, some more impromptu in form. But these will have to go unmentioned as there’s so many I might never stop writing. I’m also left wondering what winter will bring for Spectre and their NPSI co-horts.

Hope you enjoyed the read. If you haven’t been acquainted with Spectre Fleet yet, and the game’s getting dull, now’s the time.

Check out CCP’s community spotlight on Spectre Fleet for a history lesson, and even more information on the group.

– Sleightz: @S1eightz